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It has been a crazy year hasn’t it??  Yuuup – and I cannot wait to do the yearly re-cap.  I’m thinking new years resolutions too…. there are so many things brewing it is hard to keep track.  BUUUUT the thing I’d love to tell you about today is my LOVELY new site!!  YAHOO!!

That’s right – I’ve been working the past few months with Naomi from Spill Studio (designer) & Jaemi  Allen (programmer) to create this beauty of a site!   It was a wonderful experience and I would recommend these girls to everyone!  They were both so incredibly patient with me as I lost my brain and the ability to communicate in the height of wedding season and GHGH mania!  (They also designed our gorgeous Lulu Weddings site, and have worked with numerous wedding industry friends on fun projects!)

So, what this means for you…. this blog will no longer be updated, as my new site has a blog included – my new site is :: http://www.barbiehull.com

And the new blog is :: http://www.barbiehull.com/blog


I hope you love perusing the new imagery and my very favorite part – this cool hand drawn heart doodle design that Naomi made…. gasp… just for me!

Let me/us know what you think of it!!




This last weekend was a big day for Jill & Neil… they got married!!  It was a sweet sweet brunch wedding with many of their close family members and friends coming from all over…. Canada, California and the Dakotas too!   The wedding photos aren’t quite ready just yet…. but one short week before the wedding we met in Pioneer Square for a quick engagement session.  We had a GREAT time!  Meeting first for coffee and then headed out for about an hour – dancing through the train station, jumping past the firehouse and into an urban waterfall!   Here are a few of my favorites from our shoot ::

This post was written by Michelle Loretta of Sage Wedding Pros – she wrote it back in August, but it has been sitting in my email inbox ever since because it really resinated with me.  {reposted with permission}  I think it is SO important to be nice – I have a lot of thoughts on this… but am having a hard time getting these thoughts out in a way that will sound… well, nice.  ;0)  So – I’ll just let you read what Michelle has written and hope that it inspires you to do something nice today.

Remember – Your true character isn’t based on what you do when you think people are watching but instead what you do when you think people aren’t.



When I was a kid, I was as likeable as the next guy.  I had good friends and I can’t complain about my relationships with classmates.  But, there was this girl in my class: Tracy.  Everyone REALLY LIKED Tracy.  Yes, Tracy was smart, cute.  But, there was so much more.

I was fascinated by this.  And, I decided that I was going to study Tracy.  I was going to analyze her every move.  How does she do it?  I thought, “I really like Tracy.  I’m going to do everything that she does.”  And I did.  I literally copied her every move.  Well – I tried.  I’d like to think I succeeded, at least for a short while… until the next fad hit me.  I think I did this for a week.

Do you know what I learned while I was studying her every move?  It was simple: SHE WAS NICE.  (I still know Tracy and I’ll tell you, she *IS* nice.)

People sincerely liked her and liked being around her.  She was often voted “nicest” and “friendliest” and “happiest”.  She had this way of making others feel good and feel good about themselves.  Part of it was her natural positivity and part of it was her cheerful soul.  But, mostly, she was just so nice to everyone.

Tracy was nice to every single person in school… which is saying a lot for 6th grade when people aren’t always so nice.

Image: Creative Commons License

Nice Guys Finish First

Honest.  They do.  Eventually kharma catches up… for better or for worse it will catch up.  And, the people who are nice are the ones who are often doing the best.

I think of people that I admire in my career (and in my previous careers) and it is the people who were the nicest that are on top.

Why is this?  Well… think about it… when someone is nice to you, don’t you want to do something nice back?  I sure do.  When someone is nice to you, don’t you notice them?  When someone goes out of their way to be nice (even in a small gesture), does it make you see them more clearly?  I know that when people are kind to me, I notice them.  I want to help them back.  I want to help them as people, as business owners.  When people do nice things, I feel better about myself… and, as a result, I feel better about them too.

People do Business with People

I got to listen to Brett Culp, from Brett Culp Films talk last week at Wedding and Event Video Expo (WEVA Expo).  He shared with us his “business plan” which is a core ideology for how he runs his film business.  It’s pretty simple:

  • Do Great Work
  • Show it to LOTS of People
  • Be REAL Nice

I love this!  I love all of it… but I especially love the “Be REAL Nice”.  These days everyone is sweatin’.  We’re sweatin’ about our equipment, our branding, our websites, our gear, our style, and so on.  BUT(!)—- all the client cares about is THE PERSON that he or she does business with.  That’s also the only thing that your colleagues in the industry care about also.  Yes, you have to provide quality and you have to be able to deliver on your promises.  But, at the end of the day… the client is less concerned what kind of camera you own and more concerned with how they are going to be treated.

Shed everything from your business… and what is left?  Are you nice?


The room: spectacular. The fashions: stunning. The food: delectable. The auction items: must-have. The cause: worthy. The goal: shattered.

On October 28th, 2010 over 500 brides, grooms, and members of the wedding community gathered at the impeccable Four Seasons Hotel Seattle to come together for two reasons: to get amazing deals on gorgeous wedding goods and services and to raise money to grant wishes for Stage IV metastatic breast cancer patients. Here at Get Hitched Give Hope we’ve always set our sights high and our goals just beyond reach, but this year, with the help of some amazing sponsors and wonderful guests we’ve exceeded this goal. By the end of the evening, YOU came together to raise $64,000 to grant wishes for those to whom the cure can’t come soon enough. And we’re still counting.

Check out some fantastic images from last Thursday by Kim & Adam of La Vie Photography!

The big finale to the whole night was when we were able to announce that we had reached and exceeded our goal, raising over $64,000!!! The excitement was uproarious, and there were more than a few tears of relief and joy!!

But wait! There’s more!!!! Read more details, see all of the sponsors, and see more images of the event on the Get Hitched Give Hope website!

You can still give this year HERE, and if you are interested in participating next year, please see our Sponsorship Interest Application. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!!!!!

Amazing photography courteous Kim and Adam of La Vie Photography

Oh my goodness!!  The party that I’ve been thinking about for an ENTIRE YEAR is TWO DAYS AWAY!!!!!!!  That is right!  We have been planning Get Hitched Give Hope 2010 since…. October 2009!!  So, now you know – its going to be AMAZING!!

I know you want to be there (and bring all of your friends!)

Here are the details ::

When :: October 28th, 2010

Where :: The Four Seasons Hotel Seattle (99 Union Street)

What Time :: 6-9:30pm (but get there early and stay late!!)  (we will start with a Wildfire Cider Toast and raffles all throughout, if you want to see the timeline in our super cool downloadable program, click HERE )

Tickets for sale online :: HERE (but don’t worry, you can get them at the door too!)

Swag bags :: Are beyond awesome… but sorry – they are SOLD OUT!!!  (that’s how awesome they are!!!)

What’s there for you?? :: WELL, besides an AMAZINGLY good time, (swanky cocktail party!) there will be raffles ALL night long, there will be silent auction items where brides, grooms & everyone else can bid on super cool products and services… SUCH AS ::  Gorgeous jewelry (um, HELLO Tiffany!), photography packages, video packages, live music, flip books, photobooths, beer, wine, EVERYTHING you could POSSIBLY think of for a wedding or fab party!!

OMG – there will be a spa setup by Four Seasons, (love them!) there will be desserts, appetizers and all things delicious – I really can’t wait – in fact, I wish it were Thursday TODAY!!!!!

Why :: Well, besides getting some amazing deals for your wedding and having a great time – all of the money raised goes to the Making Memories Foundation – they use their resources to grant the wishes of women in stage four breast cancer.  Finding a cure is so important, but for some – the cure will not come soon enough and we can help!  Wishes in the past have been, one last vacation together as a family, a camera to document the last year, a washer & dryer…. anything that makes their lives a little easier and a little bit brighter in these tough times.   Our goal is $50,000 – and I bet with your help… we can beat that goal!!!

What should you wear :: I’d say, wear whatever makes you feel pretty!!!  I’m wearing a super cute little bell like navy blue cocktail dress, with a mustard color jacket & heels…. but my jewlery is the BEST! From Orange Poppy Jewelry, Rebekah is SO creative – it is DEFINITELY a statement piece…. I think people should come just to see this gorgeous necklace!!

So…. What are you waiting for ??  GET YOUR TICKETS!!!

I know a LOT of people are excited about this!!!  IF you want to volunteer, fill out this link :: http://tinyurl.com/GH-volunteer

If you want to participate as a vendor or sponsor next year fill out this link :: http://tinyurl.com/GHGH-2011




I know you’ve heard me talk about this sweet couple!!!  Danielle & Ed (you know the ones!! Cool hand-made broach bouquets, ridiculously awesome hand made steam punk style boutonnieres, more candy sweets & cake then you could ever imagine, FOUR fabulous dresses, spiders – spiders & MORE spiders!!) well – we met through Get Hitched Give Hope (13 days away!) last year and man I’m so glad we did!!

This couple is fun, fabulous & as much as I love to talk about how cool they are – my words will never do them justice…. you’ve gotta check out these photos!!!!

Thank you Danielle & Ed for being wonderful and including me in on the fun of your day – and best of all, Thank you for being a GIVER!!  Your wedding helped to grant a wish!!!


This Killer wedding was posted on ROCKn’ROLL Bride today!!!!!   HERE is a link, if you want to see more, read more and

Although most of this wedding was DIY by the beautiful bride herself, a lot of other people contributed to the making of this wedding, if you want to know more, here are the credits ::

Photography Credit: Barbie Hull Photography & Eliza Truitt Photography
Venue: The Arctic Club Hotel, Seattle
Hair: Jillian Szymanowski
Make Up: Kaija Towner
Centrepieces: Aria Style
Desserts: Bakery Nouveau
Cake Topper: Queen of my Heart by Paisley Buescher
Photo Booth: Usnaps (Backdrop by Aria Style)
DJ: Fuzzy Lounge Sounds
Bouquets: Curtsy Bella (DIY)
Boutonnieres: Curtsy Bella (DIY)
The pom pom princesses tiara & bucket: Curtsy Bella (DIY)
Table signs: Curtsy Bella (DIY)


Dress – Madina Vadache from The Finery
Shoes – Roberto Cavalli
Necklace – Vintage
Earrings – Tarina Tarantino
Spider in Hair – Vintage brooch

Cocktail Hour:
Dress – Reddoll on Etsy
Shoes – Louise Goldin for Topshop
Tights – Urban Outfitters
Earrings – Tarina Tarantino
Hair Spikes – spikes from Gothic Punk Specialty Hardwareon Etsy – made into hair accessories by Jillian Szymanowski
Dress – (Portland designer) Urchin
Petticoat – American Apparel
Shoes – D&G Dolce & Gabbana
Necklace – “The Intrusion” pendant by Untamed Menagerieon Etsy
Spider & Spiderweb hair accessories – Vintage brooches
Shoes – Georgina Goodman
Ship Fascinator – Vintage pearl ship made into fascinator by Jillian Szymanowski
Ostrich Poof – Batcakes Couture bySatanica on Etsy
Pearl Necklaces – Bride’s Mother’s

Hello again world!!  After a blurry, delirious and ridiculously fast summer I woke up this morning realizing…. my last big wedding of 2010 was last night!!  And all I need to do now is catch up on allllllll of the things I have procrastinated over the summer.

Number 1 on my list …. my BLOG!!

Blogging is my FAVORITE thing to do – because of YOU!  I love sharing funny experiences, pretty photos, silly stories and everything that makes me smile – with you!!   So get ready blog friends, I’m BACK!

There is NO way to even start in order, so I’m going to blog about something I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited about!!  Something I wanted to be a part of since the begining!!

Are you READY?!!?  (well, get ready!!)

I’m a JUNEBUG PHOTOGRAPHER!!!!!  Yahooo!!!      (below is a screen capture image of my brochure page)

For those of you who aren’t in this crazy wedding world  :: Junebug Weddings is just the MOST exclusive, glamorous and exciting of websites out there for couples planning their wedding!  They can get ideas, find their vendors and just be inspired!

Michelle is an amazing person.  (period, end of story) She is wonderful, generous, beautiful (inside & out) she gives whenever and however she can to anyone who needs it.  And now she needs our help!

I first met Michelle at Get Hitched Give Hope 2008 (she is a long time supporter & speaker for our cause!) – she had been given a terminal diagnosis of breast cancer and she was fighting her hardest to beat it.  Well – its been three years now and a lot has changed in her life!!  She is a single Mom to two small girls and we now have this chance to help her out!!

Not that I have to tell you – but it is so hard to continue treatments, live life and worry about bills too – so many friends of Michelle’s are banding together next Thursday October 6th at the Attic Ale House in Madison Park, be there or be square!!  Here is a flyer for the event ::

P.S – to read Michelle’s blog & get to know her visit this link :: http://meeshopolis.blogspot.com/

P.P.S – I won’t be able to be at the event on Thursday, but I really wish I could and I will be sending my donation into Jeff Crabb, email him if you would like to do the same :: jcrabbster@aol.com

P.P.P.S – if you want to re-post this, we would all really appreciate it!!  THANK YOU!!!

I am in love with photobooths!!  Real ones, fake ones, new ones, old ones – and I have to say, I just can’t get enough of them!

SO this Thursday (and many more thursdays to come!) I am going to go down to The American Cutting Company, (SUCH a cool new place!) set up my camera & tripod (photobooth style!) and take photos of FABULOUS people (that’s you!) who have just had their hair washed & blown out!  YAHOOO!!!

What are you waiting for??  Lets go!!

American Cutting Company’s Photo Shoot Thursday
September 30th from 1-3pm
Enjoy 50% off any service from 1-3pm
Be photographed by fabulous Seattle photographer Barbie Hull
No time for an appointment that day? Swing by for a quick photo, book an appointment for a later date and we’ll share a special discount for your next visit.

Roche Harbor is an amazing place.  Period. End. of. story.  I LOVE it there!!  Thanks to Dustin & Caitlin for inviting us to spend the whole weekend with them!!  It started off early Friday morning with a fun whale watching tour (sadly we didn’t see many whales, just a lot of waves) and the sun continued to shine on us all weekend long.  It was a GORGEOUS wedding – there were so many cool details, hand made signs, BUCKETS OF WINE IN OUR HOTEL ROOMS!! THANK YOU!!! Oh my goodness… I’m still glowing from this whole weekend & it reminds me of why I love my job so much.

Oookay – enough babbling about how cool it was, let me show you!!

Oh, and Dustin & Caitlin LOVE facedowns as much as we do!!! YAHOO!!!  (lots to post!)

The best part of this wedding wasn’t the ice cream, the details, the super-ridiculously-awesome location or the vendors — it was the couple.  Caitlin & Dustin have their hearts in the right place.  They are smart, sweet and amazingly down to earth people and they are so in love, they will be together forever.  They share something so special that nothing could get in the way – absolutely nothing.  You guys are the BEST!

BUT, a lot of fabulous people came together to help make this day ::

Venue :: Roche Harbor

Photographers :: Barbie Hull Photography & Holly-Kate Foss

Videographers :: Mind Castle Studios

Florist :: Robbins Nest

DJ ::

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