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We Did It! Get Hitched Give Hope Raised over $64k!!!

The room: spectacular. The fashions: stunning. The food: delectable. The auction items: must-have. The cause: worthy. The goal: shattered. On October 28th, 2010 over 500 brides, grooms, and members of the wedding community gathered at the impeccable Four Seasons Hotel Seattle to come together for two reasons: to get amazing deals on gorgeous wedding goods […]

Get Hitched Give Hope :: TWO DAYS AWAY!!

Oh my goodness!!  The party that I’ve been thinking about for an ENTIRE YEAR is TWO DAYS AWAY!!!!!!!  That is right!  We have been planning Get Hitched Give Hope 2010 since…. October 2009!!  So, now you know – its going to be AMAZING!! I know you want to be there (and bring all of your […]

Get Hitched Give Hope :: On the news stands!!

Get Hitched Give Hope is a mere 117 days away, but we are SOOOOO excited!!  The procurement is nearly complete, the program is being designed and our magazine ad has hit the stands!! Check Our Our Ad in Seattle Met Bride & Groom Magazine! If you haven’t already received your copy of this summer’s Seattle […]

Get Hitched Give Hope – TODAY!!!

Hello Friends!! Today is the day!!  Get Hitched Give Hope is HEREEEEEEEE!!  I cannot believe it, all the planning, all the meetings, all of the GENEROUS wonderful amazing fabulous people …. today is the day! So put those swanky shoes on, grab your bow tie and lace up those dresses – I can’t wait to […]

Get Hitched Give Hope ~ Save the Date!

WHOOHOOO!!!  We are just 73 very short days away from Get Hitched Give Hope, you’d better get your tickets soon…. its going to be SO much fun!!  (AND all the cool kids are doing it!!) If you want all the info but aren’t ready to visit our site – here is what we are about: […]

Get Hitched Give Hope ~ SMASHING SUCCESS!!!!

So after an entire year of planning last night was Get Hitched Give Hope – the party of all parties!!  It was a BLAST!!!!!!  (I am still SO excited about it!)  I can’t wait to see the photos (funny being on the other side). So in about an hour we are going to meet to […]

Save the date ~ Get Hitched Give Hope!!

Hey all!! Only 49 fabulous more days until 10.23.08 – the big day – the coolest wedding party out there – the best way to find your wedding vendors & grant wishes!! (I bet you didn’t even know you had that power!) So indeed – mark your calendar, invite your friends, tell your mom, blog […]

Get Hitched Give Hope – the greatest way to plan your wedding!

Hello! So if you know me, met me, or have been at the same meeting/party (mostly parties) you will have heard me talk about the FABULOUS group of ladies I’ve teamed up with to create this amazing non-profit company – Get Hitched Give Hope. Every day I get butterflies in my stomach…. only 73 more […]

The girl who gives so much, she now needs your help!

Michelle is an amazing person.  (period, end of story) She is wonderful, generous, beautiful (inside & out) she gives whenever and however she can to anyone who needs it.  And now she needs our help! I first met Michelle at Get Hitched Give Hope 2008 (she is a long time supporter & speaker for our […]

You too can be a giver!!

You don’t have to have a lot of money to be a giver!!  One of the biggest reasons behind  Get Hitched Give Hope was that alone, we can’t do very much – but together we can do a LOT.  That’s right!  Every little bit helps!! So, today I am going to tell you how you […]